September 26, 2019

Bucket List Journeys for Families

While traveling together as a family is always important, regardless of the destination, there are a few bucket list destinations and journeys that are truly transformational.

And at Videre Travel – we are the leading authority on bucket list journeys for families.

These journeys bring families face to face with natural wonders, historical sites, and to the most remote corners of the earth. These journeys also tend to be logistically complicated, require very specific destination expertise, and require a bit more time and money to execute than a “regular” family trip.

These are the trips where you definitely want to work with a professional.

We’ve spent decades fostering relationships with the best guides and tour operators who deliver these bucket list experiences. We’ve amassed an unparalleled knowledge base and curated the best itineraries for these journeys. We’ve experienced these adventures first-hand and have helped hundreds of families do the same.

And we would love to customize your family’s next (or first!) bucket list journey!

Here are our 9 most popular bucket list trips – timeless destinations and experiences that families enjoy year after year.

What’s on your family’s list?

African Safari

walking safari in kenya with kids

An African safari is the ultimate family adventure. Discovering the wildlife, culture, and stunning landscapes of Africa together as a family consistently ranks as an all time favorite experience among travelers.

Here is one of our favorite safari itineraries for families, packed with iconic wildlife encounters, first-hand conservation education, cultural exchange and some down time to process the magnitude of it all.

Machu Picchu

Watching the sun rise over the Incan ruins at Machu Picchu is a moment captured by countless travelers each year. This capstone moment becomes all the more special at the end of a journey that involves mountain trekking, enjoying all kids of Peruvian cuisine, coming face to face with Condors. The Machu Picchu experience is much more than just that epic view, and our families come away from Peru truly understanding the destination. Here’s our favorite itinerary for active families to Peru.

Galapagos Islands

This biodiversity hotspot is one bucket list journey that needs to be planned years in advance. Most families opt to explore these islands by boat, and these Galapagos cruises book out well over a year in advance. We partner with a local outfitter who owns several luxurious boats in a range of sizes and employs some of the best guides in the business (both boat size and guiding are critical to consider when planning a trip to the Galapagos!)

Costa Rica

Home to beautiful beaches, a warm and inviting culture, and extraordinary amount of endemic wildlife, Costa Rica is one of the first bucket list journeys for families to experience. In Costa Rica you can zipline through the jungle, soak in volcanic hot spring, learn to surf and breakfast with sloths.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that uniquely inspire awe and Iceland is an ideal destination to view this.

Our itineraries work well particularly for adventurous families who ski – as the lights are visible during the colder winter months and can be combined with an epic winter adventure in northern Iceland. Learn more and check out a sample itinerary here.

Alaskan Wilderness

For years, a cruise was thought to be the best way to see and experience Alaska. From all the massive cruise lines to several new, smaller ships, there are literally hundreds of cruises that go up and down the Alaskan coast.

However, today we believe the best way for families to see and experience Alaska is in fact by land. This gives you so much more opportunity to really see the destination and have all sorts of fun adventures. Perfect for an active family! Check out our favorite itinerary here.

French Polynesia

Tahiti is one of the only destinations in the world that we believe, for families, is best explored by boat. Here the waters are extremely calm and perfect for sailing. We love both the Paul Gauguin small cruise ship experience as well as the opportunity to charter a private catamaran.

Greek and Roman History

While everyone loves spending a lazy summer day wandering through a walled city in the Tuscan countryside or lounging on a boat off the coast of Santorini or Naxos, the driving force behind a family trip to Greece or Italy for most families is to experience historical sites first hand. Whether it’s a “gladiator” training at the Coliseum in Rome or shadowing an archaeologist as she excavates a centuries-old temple site in Greece – these beautiful countries (and let’s not forget about Croatia too!) all offer incredible, immersive experiences for families to discover ancient history together.

Dude Ranch

While America’s national parks are certainly awe inspiring, a dude ranch experience in the Wild West combines the magnificent natural beauty of the mountains with hand’s on fun for the whole family. From hiking and biking to horseback riding and fly fishing, there is so much to at a dude ranch – everyone will be thrilled. There are hundreds of dude ranches out there – we have a few favorites at a range of price points so sure to find the perfect fit for your family’s mountain adventure!

Get started planning your family’s bucket list journey today!