Hiking Trip in Peru with Kids

Machu Picchu should be on every family’s bucket list.

The experience of journeying deep into the Andes mountains, learning about the mystical history of the Incas, and seeing the traditional way of life in the area that still exists today truly is spectacular.

This is an experience kids will remember forever. 

Peru is also one of the top hiking destinations in the world. And for active families looking for an adventurous hiking trip with a spectacular bucket list experience at the end- a hiking trip in Peru with kids is a must!

We’ve partnered with the best guides in Peru to make this awesome hiking terrain made fun and accessible to families.

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And here are a few highlights and reasons why this is the best way to experience hiking in Peru with kids.

Family Friendly Trails and Mileage

Seeing Peru on foot really is the most impressive way to experience the country. 

The weather is really topsy turvy – all in the span of about 5 minutes you can experience high altitude hot sun, rain, cold wind and cloud cover. It’s crazy! As such, while walking the views are constantly changing and you can really appreciate all the valleys and countryside over the course of several hours on a hike. You just don’t get the same experience in a vehicle.

One moment you’re checking out orchids at 12,000 ft in a unique micro climate, then round the corner to see a massive glacier and snow topped Andean mountains. This diversity is what makes hiking in Peru so impressive and keeps things interesting for kids as well.

Because the hikes are at high altitude, we go slowly and bring plenty of water and snacks.

The Best On-Trail Accommodations

Getting a good night’s sleep and staying comfortable when you’re not on the trail is important when hiking in Peru with kids. 

Instead of hiking the Inca trail, we recommend the Salkantay trail. 

On the Salkantay Trail, instead of camping in lightweight tents (which is the only option on the Inca trail) you can overnight in glamping domes, basically yurts, with a hot shower, wifi, warm bed and gourmet meals after a full day of hiking. These creature comforts are very welcome indeed!

The food in Peru is spectacular, and the chefs at the domes are world class. After a long day of hiking you’ll enjoy the comforts of the dome.

These domes offer everything you need to stay comfortable on your hiking trip in Peru.

Support Local Communities and Stay Away from the Crowds

Like many well traveled destinations, some areas of Peru can seem a bit touristy. Our itineraries get you out on the trail, into local communities, and away from the crowds.

One of the most impressive local programs is a protected Condor viewing trek. You’ll drive up into the hills, then enjoy a short hike and eat a delicious picnic lunch while watching condors soar overhead. The entrance fee into this area goes directly to the local community, whom you’ll see around as rangers and protectors of these endangered, yet iconic, birds.

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